Technical Support may have you do a complete reset of all your Quicklaunch settings to reset your installation, for circumstances where using the "Reset All" button in Quicklaunch is not an option.

1) Uninstall Quicklaunch  

Go to the Windows Control Panel

Programs and Features

Uninstall Quicklaunch 

2)  Under C:\programdata\isolated storage\    Search for Quicklaunch.* and then remove the folder structure that the QuickLaunchSettings_V2_0 is found under.  In this example; C:\ProgramData\IsolatedStorage\gfzi55jd.zbh

Optional Powershell 

If you are a Quicklaunch Version 2 (or higher) user

Quicklaunch version 2.x and higher uses Microsoft Click-to-Run technology, and the settings are in a different location than used with Quicklaunch version 1.x.

You can open a PowerShell window and run the following code snippet to remove all Quicklaunch settings completely.

Beware that this will remove all settings, including license keys and launch buttons.


$d = "$ENV:ALLUSERSPROFILE\IsolatedStorage"
$x = Get-ChildItem $d -Recurse | Where-Object {$_.PSIsContainer -eq $true -and $_.Name -match "Publisher.r0fqvo551sbk21ac0b1i5x51xcaafwdi"}
if ($x -ne $null) {
    Write-Host "Removing old settings file..."
    Remove-Item -Force -Recurse $x.FullName

If you are a Quicklaunch Version 1 user

Users moving from the older Quicklaunch Version 1.x to Version 2.x (or higher) may need to download the attached BAT (batch) file and run it to properly reset all their settings.

NOTE: Windows SmartScreen may prompt you with a security window protecting your PC. If you click "More Info", you will be permitted to click "Run anyway".