The quickshare application provides the ability to share HDMI captured video and usb cameras. NOTE - *Quickshare may be added automatically in Quicklaunch, If not Please follow the steps*

Steps to add quickshare to your applications:

1. Enter settings (Ctrl-Alt-S)

2. In settings go to Actions>Choose a group>Add Action Tile ( Bottom LEFT, Plus sign SHOWN BELOW)

3. Under - Add Action From Catalog> Collaboration> Quickshare

4. Select and you have added Quickshare

How to share HDMI video:

1) Connect a HDMI video source to the device running quicklaunch

2) Click the quickshare action tile in the Applications group

3) When the quickshare window launches click Wired > Capture Devices> Select the

4) The application will list all video devices currently connected to the quicklaunch PC

5) Select the device you would like to share from the 'Available Devices' list. The device will now play in the quickshare window

6) If you would like to share the contents to all meeting members click 'Share > Skype For Business' in the quickshare menu. The content will now be shared with all meeting participants

How to set a default device:

1) Select a device from the 'Device > Available Devices' list

2) Once the device has been selected click 'Device > Set as Default'

How to Stop and Start the video device:

1) Select 'Device > Stop' to pause or stop the video device

2) Select 'Device > Play' to start the video device

How to set quickshare to fullscreen mode:

1) Click 'View > Full Screen' or double click anywhere within the quickshare window to enable full screen mode

2) Click the ESC key to return to a normal window from full screen mode (no title bar) you may also double click anywhere within a maximized window to return to the normal sized window