How to Add Action Tiles though Settings (Ctrl-Alt-S) OR Through Design Mode (Ctrl-Alt-D) - Quicklaunch provides the ability to customize the images presented on an action tile as well as its background.  


Action Tile graphics are stored as vector based graphic, using XAML, to ensure that they can be smoothly presented at any resolution or monitor size.

 When a bitmapped file; bmp, png, and jpg is imported it is transformed into XAML using the integrated import tool. (5)

How to Add Action Tile Through Settings- 

1. Enter Settings (Ctrl-Alt-S)>Actions> Actions> Applications

2. Plus Sign> Add Action From Catalog

3. Choose the Application you want and when finished choose select and your action tile will be added. 

*Make sure Program Path Is correct*

How to Add action Tile through Design Mode-

1.  Enter Design Mode by entering <CTRL-ALT-D> on the keyboard or selecting the "Design" button on the top right corner of Quicklaunch


2.  Select the pencil on an Action Tile or the Change Action Tiles menu item from the Action Group


3.  Edit the Action Tile background color or transparency using the Icon Background color picker


4. Search for pre-prepared icons using the Icon Catalog


5. Import and transform bitmaps by selecting the Import Bitmap button.


6. Copy or Paste XAML vector based code directly.


Using the Icon Catalog, Importing a bitmap, and providing XAML explicitly.  In order to provide for smooth scaling at any screen size or resolution quicklaunch uses vector graphics for all images.

How to import quicklaunch Action Tile Icons:

  1. Click the Import Bitmap Icon on the Applications Actions screen.
  2. Use the dialog to select an image to import and click Open.
  3. The image will be loaded into the Bitmap Importer.
  4. Select the Invert option.
  5. If the Icon on the right side is not visible or is of poor quality use the Sensitivity slider to adjust the quality.
  6. Click OK to import the icon.
  7. Newly imported icon is now displayed in Icon Data.
  8. The icon on your action tile is updated.