If a meeting on the calendar includes a link to join a Pexip meeting, a 'one-click' join can be configured in the settings.

Configuring 'One-Click' Join

Enter Design Mode by entering <CTRL+ALT+D> on the keyboard or selecting the "Design" button on the top right corner of Quicklaunch

Select the Meetings Providers menu item above the calendar group

Select Pexip in the list of Meeting Providers and configure what happens when the 'Join Meeting' icon is clicked

Show Pexip Meetings
The 'Join Meeting' icon will only be visible when this is checked
Use Thick Client
If this is checked, then clicking the 'Join Meeting' icon will launch a picker to choose whether to join the Pexip meeting using Pexip Infinity Connect or Skype for Business.
Default Thick Client Choice
If 'Use Thick Client' is checked, then this setting will preselect either Pexip Infinity Connect or Skype for Business in the picker. Note: The end user will have the ability to choose the other application, but if your system primarily uses one or the other, this setting will help the user join their meeting faster.
Web Browser
If 'Use Thick Client' is unchecked or the selected application is not installed, a web browser will be used to join the Pexip meeting. This option can predefine which browser will be used to join the meeting - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or whichever is the default on the system.
Display Rules
These can be configured to move the meeting window to a specific screen, in a specific state, or with a specific size.
Note: The Window Lookup configuration will be populated for you if the 'Use Thick Client' is checked or a specific Web Browser is selected. Otherwise you will need to configure these settings yourself.

Joining a Pexip Meeting using a Web Browser

If the aforementioned 'Use Thick Client' setting is unchecked, then clicking the Pexip meeting icon on the calendar will launch a web browser (predetermine if configured) to the URL in the meeting invite.


If the 'Use Thick Client' setting is checked, then clicking the Pexip meeting icon on the calendar will show a picker for the user to select which application they wish to join the meeting.


As mentioned above, the default application can be configured in the settings but the user will have the opportunity to choose which application they want/need to use.

If the chosen application is installed, it will be launched and will join the meeting in the invite.