How to Configure Room Reset.

Room Reset and Lockdown Mode Provide Peace and Mind for IT and End Users. 

Settings (Ctrl-Alt-S)> System>Reset Room

Room Reset Features:

Reset Room:  

On room reset you can select to have "Meeting end" and or "User Logout" 

  • Meeting End: Have your meeting end with Room Reset.
  • User Logout:  The user will be logged out with Room Reset

Enable Inactivity:

Enabling Inactivity will reset the room after the specified amount of minutes below a specific network usage bandwidth.

Meeting Timer:

Meeting Timer will appear when your meeting is ending due to the time on the calendar, You can extend your meeting or Dismiss. 


Before resetting your room a confirmation will appear, you can sent the time it will wait for your response before restarting.


You can enable sound notifications for when your meeting is going to end.


Customize the notification messages for meeting end and meeting end warning.

Close Applications:

When enabled, the specified applications open will close on Room Reset.You can get more information about Exceptions and Additions here: 

Minimize Applications:

When enabled, all applications will be minimized on Room Reset. You can also specify exceptions.

Auto Delete:

When enabled, selected data (Files, downloads, history etc.), will be deleted on Room Reset.


When enabled you are able to choose which applications you will like to be signed out of on Room Reset.