Release notes

TFSWork Item TypeTitleFreshdesk Ticket
3270FaultImport - On Fresh Install .QLT Import not applied
5870FaultReset Theme Settings + Theme Feature Key
6350FaultPrompts to zip and email meeting stuff, from old meetings
7748FaultFlat view meeting details, add participant and group email do not display under odd circumstance (Fuzzy/Blurred screen)
3712User StoryAdd caution info to MS Whiteboard action tile - Point to FAQ
4388User StoryMS authentication - change user and exchange MFA
5475User StoryEncrypt Google API password
6636User StorySolstice - Application Default Settings104325
7741User StoryFeature Request - Room Reset - Allow Desktop Item Shortcuts106021
8375User StoryUpdate SE/PE Reset Room (Angela)
8378User StoryWhiteboard security improvements - prevent accounts from being cached
8498User StoryMS Team - Allow User to Select Join as Guest/Host When Using the Thick Client
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