Release Notes Version - July 7, 2019

New features

  • Support for MS Exchange MFA for Change User option 
  • Meet Now enhanced Settings 
  • Added NEC Mosaic Connect to Action Catalog
  • Polycom Eagle Eye Mini camera added to Camera Control widget
  • Ability to email on Room Resource status change
  • HDMI Share v4 supports Inogeni 4K2USB3
  • HDMI Share v4 enhanced Settings
  • HDMI Share v4 window “UVC Viewer” renamed to "HDMI Share"
  • HDMI Share v4 Action Tile improved Settings


  • Send email Action improved performance with Google Calendar
  • Quicklaunch v3 to v4 upgrade improvements
  • Room Reset Signout improvements for Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Ability to add Zoom Meet Now Action from Catalog
  • Apps View Action available in Action Catalog