Release Notes Version 4.0.541.0 May 27, 2020

Version 4.0.541.0 May 27, 2020

New features

  • Associated Settings on the right side bar in QL Settings
  • Restrict access to view previous/future calendar dates 
  • One-Click join for AccessionMeeting meeting type 
  • Hoylu send email through Quicklaunch 
  • AV Icon added to Icon Catalog
  • Calendar Meetings Options for use enhanced and secure for browser joins
  • MS Teams - Add policy changes to suppress prompt for audio/video in a web browser
  • MS Teams web action tile - use browser enhancements
  • MS Teams Meet Now for browser
  • MS Teams - official icon in action catalog
  • Support for Export/Import policies settings in templates
  • Added browser enhanced experience and secure browser to web site action tiles
  • Https  for
  • Zoom Videos launched from meeting with users names on the feed


  • German Language translation improvements
  • Meeting Manager - Invite by Email virtual keyboard is launched on the screen that was launched from