Quicklaunch Camera Control allows you to Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom (PTZ) the following cameras from the built-in interface in all editions of Quicklaunch:

  • Aver 520 Pro
  • Aver 520 Pro2
  • Aver vb342+
  • Elo Touch IDS Web Camera
  • HuddleCam HD
  • Huddly Go
  • Huddly IQ
  • IFPD Camera
  • iSmart UHD Camera
  • Logitech C930e
  • Logitech BCC950
  • Logitech Brio
  • Logitech ConferenceCam Connect 
  • Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e 
  • Logitech Group
  • Logitech Meetup
  • Logitech PTZ Pro Camera
  • Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Camera
  • Logitech Rally
  • Nearus HD
  • Newline TRUETOUCH X Series
  • PanaCast (Jabra)
  • PanaCast 3 (Jabra)
  • Polycom EagleEye II
  • Polycom EagleEye IV
  • Polycom EagleEye Mini
  • Poly Studio X50
  • PrecisionHD
  • PTZ Optics 20x - USB
  • RoboSHOT USB Camera
  • Surface Book Front
  • Surface Book Rear
  • Surface Hub Camera 1
  • Surface Hub Camera 2
  • Surface Pro 3 (Front)
  • Surface Pro 3 (Rear)
  • Surface Pro 4 (Front)
  • Surface Pro 4 (Rear)
  • TeleCam TLC-300-U3S
  • Unite 150
  • Unite 200
  • VC-B20U
  • VC-B30U
  • VD360 Compass
  • VDO360 CompassX
  • Yamaha CS-700

*For cameras that do not have mechanical pan, tilt and zoom digital features are provided as long as they are presented by the camera manufacturers drivers.

Will other cameras work?

Cameras using an USB UVC driver can be added to the supported cameras list on request.   

How to Export PTZ Camera specifications?

The zip file is a utility that will pull the settings off your Camera. Run it from a PC with the USB Camera attached.  

Extract the ZipFile

Run “CameraSpecifications.exe”

Click “Refresh List”

Click “Export List” 

Email qlsupport@ucworkspace.com the output indicating the brand name and model number of the Camera.

Note, feature requests for new Cameras are logged for customers with valid maintenance and purchased Licenses.