This FAQ will explain how to update your Quicklaunch to always have the newest build. You can update Quicklaunch three different ways: Scheduled, After Inactivity or Manually. These can all be done within Quicklaunch.


  1. How to Update Quicklaunch
    1. How to Configure Automatic Updates 
    2. How to Update Manually

1) How to Update Quicklaunch 

  • To update quicklaunch go to settings > License > General 
  • Here will be all the settings to update Quicklaunch 

1a) How to Configure Automatic Updates 

  • To schedule an update select "Schedule" under the downbar
  • Once selected, choose the time you want Quicklaunch to search for updates
  • If you selected "After Inactivity" you can select the minutes before searching for updates 
  • If you want to disable scheduled updates simply select the disable option under the down bar 

1b) How to Update Manually 

  • To update manually simply go to setting > licence > general > options 
  • If there is an update available a note will appear saying "New Version Available"
  • Then select "Check for update" on the right hand side
  • Quicklaunch will begin updating
  • If there is no update available a notification will appear