Quicklaunch can be updated in three ways. 

  • On a Schedule -  By default, this is daily at 1:00 AM local time.
  • After Inactivity -  The amount of time can be set by administrator
  • Manual Forced Check - This is used when you have automatic updates disabled or when a scheduled update but may want to update sooner. At any time you can force a check for update by clicking on "Check for Update" in the Options panel.


To adjust the scheduled time, you must look within the "License" section of the settings, and enable "Show Advanced Settings".


For checking based upon time, you have two options:

  • A specific time of day

  • After a certain number of minutes


Can I upgrade using Click-to-Run?

You can manually download the application and utilize Click-to-Run installation by entering the "Update Location" URL into your web browser. Click-to-Run still requires an active internet connection in order to download the complete application components, and will not install without a full internet connection.