To Download Quicklaunch V4 Follow the link: 

If you are upgrading an installation of Quicklaunch Standard Edition ("SE") to Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition ("UE"), the settings will be imported from the previous SE version into UE.


  • Before updating quicklaunch ensure that you have installed and configured Skype for Business AND created an appropriate email account on Office365 or Exchange Server.

In order to restore full UE functionality once you have received your new UE activation code, the preferred way is to do a "Reset All" of settings and reactivation using your new UE License Key.

1.  From within quicklaunch select settings <CTRL-ALT-S>


2. Click on the pen icon to the right of your current license key.


On this screen enter your new Ultimate Edition license key.  If you enter your key and company name as registered correctly then you will see the license key text to the right of your key change to "Ultimate Edition"

3. Select Next


This displays the setup wizard.   If you Skype for Business client software has been installed on the machine then quicklaunch should import the account name and you should now enter the password for the S4B account.

4.   Select Next


If you have configured outlook on the machine that you are installing quicklaunch on the wizard will attempt to use this information to identify your EWS URL/Exchange Server and Login Email.  Enter your Exchange password and select verify.

Note:  In complex domains your EWS URL or Exchange Server may not be recognized.   If Auto Discover or password verify does not work but you have confirmed that your information is correct then there are advanced settings to help you resolve this.

5.   If your Exchange Server is not correctly recognized select Settings <CTRL-ALT-S>

6.  Select the Account Tab and Domains

7.  Select Show Advanced Setting on the right hand side


Here you may need to add your specific domain, EWS server, or version if the wizard was unable to resolve this information using the installed Outlook and Skype for Business client software.