If you no longer have settings icon, design icon, help icon or close as available in the top right corner these have been turned off. You can always reach them via Quicklaunch keyboard shortcuts. To have them be shown on the top corner you have two options.

Option 1 – Show Icons using Settings

· Start Quicklaunch

· Ctrl-Alt-S to Enter Settings Mode

1. Click on ‘Display’ from left menu

2. Click on ‘General’ Tab

3. Ensure that the icons you want to show colored

4. Click ‘Save





Option 2 – Show Icons using Design Mode

· Start Quicklaunch

· Ctrl-Alt-D to Enter Design Mode

1. Click on ‘Enter Design Mode’

2. Click on ‘Title Bar’ Black Tab

3. Choose Hide or Show

4. Click ‘I’m Done’ to exit design mode