In order to utilize Barco’s Clickshare with Quicklaunch, you will need a USB Video Capture Device along with creating an action tile for the quickshare.

Barco Clickshare is connected to a USB HDMI Capture Device and then an action tile is created within Quicklaunch. Setup the Barco Clickshare per manufacturer instruction prior to setting up Quicklaunch.


1) Setting up the Capture Device and HDMI Share 

2) Configure the Action Tile

1) Setting up the Capture Device and HDMI Share 

Follow Direction on the HDMI Share FAQ 

2)Configure the Action Tile 

CTRL-ALT-S to enter Settings
  • Select Action
  • Select Group - Choose the Group for Flat (Quicklaunch Recommenced) Tabbed - (Sharing Recommended)
  • Select + To Add and Action Tile
  • Type HDMI in the Search Bard
  • Select HDMI Share 4
  • Select Select
  • Change the name and short name (what you see on the dockbar) to Wireless  or a name of your choise
  • Select  the Device 
  • Choose other Options - Including changing the icon (added Wireless from catalog in the example)
  • Select Save


Quicklaunch will go to toolbar mode with Clickshare showing