In order to utilize Barco’s Clickshare with Quicklaunch, you will need a USB Video Capture Device (See Our Partners) along with creating an action tile for the quickshare.

Configure Quicklaunch quickshare for Clickshare

· Configure Barco Clickshare as per manufacturer instructions

· Plug in the Magewell USB HDMI Adapter to your PC and have windows install the drivers

· Start Quicklaunch

· Ctrl-Alt-D to Enter Design Mode

1. Click ‘Enter Design Mode”


2. In the Appropriate Action Group Click ‘Change Action Tiles’


3. Click ‘+’ > ‘Add Action from Catalog’ > ‘Utilities’ > ‘quickshare’


4. Once the Action Tile is Visible click ‘ok’

5. Click ‘Done’ to save and exit designer mode


· Connect the Barco Clickshare to the Magewell USB HDMI Adapter that is already attached to the PC

6. Click the ‘quickshare’ action tile


· The quickshare application window launches

7. On quickshare menu click 'Device’ > ‘Available Devices' > ‘Magewell USB Capture’


The Barco Clickshare should now be visible in the ‘quickshare ‘window

· Use Clickshare as per Barco instruction

Set Barco and Magewell as Default quickshare Device:

· Click the ‘quickshare’ action tile

· Select the Magewell USB Capture from Available Devices

8. Click 'Device’ > ‘Available Devices' > ‘Magewell USB Capture’

Once the device has been selected click 'Device’ > ‘Set as Default'



How to Set Quickshare to Fullscreen Mode:

· Click 'View’ > ‘Full Screen' or double click anywhere within the quickshare window to enable full-screen mode

· Click the ‘ESC’ key to return to a normal window from full-screen mode (no title bar) you may also double-click anywhere within a maximized window to return to the normal sized window


How to Stop and Start the Barco Input to Quicklaunch quickshare

· From the quickshare menu click 'Device’ > ‘Pause' to pause or stop the video device

· From the quickshare menu click 'Device’ > ‘Play' to start the video device