How to Add and Customize Action Tiles:


  • Add Action Tiles: Adding Action tiles through Settings and Design Mode
  • Program Path: Where to Find the Correct Program Path 
  • Custom Action Tile: How to Create a Custom Action Tile
  • How to Design the Action Tile: Change the Color and Icon data 
  • Video Review

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NOTE: Always ensure the correct program path is shown for an Action Tile

How to Add Action Tile Through Settings:

1. Enter Settings (Ctrl-Alt-S)>Actions> Actions> Applications

2. Plus Sign> Add Action From Catalog

3. Choose the Application you want and when finished choose select and your action tile will be added.

How to Add Action Tile from Design Mode:

1. Enter Design Mode by entering <CTRL-ALT-D> on the keyboard or selecting the "Design" button on the top right corner of Quicklaunch

2. Hover over "Applications" > Change Action Tile 


3.  Select the Plus sign, and Add an action tile from catalog. 

Program Path:

How to Find the program path.

  1. Search For your Application on the search bar> Right Click on the Application
  2. Open file location> Right click application> Properties
  3. Copy the "Target" path 

Custom Action Tile: 

How to create a new action tile from a Program, Website or File. 


  • Open Ql>Settings>Action>Select Group> Add An Action Tile 
  • In catalog> Select "Add Program"

  • Add Name and Description> Add Program Path (Shown in the  "Program Path" above)
  • The new Application Is now added.


  • Open Ql> Settings> Actions>Select Group> Add an Action Tile 
  • In catalog> Select "Add a Website" 
  • Add name, Description> Website URL 
  • Select Browser Type

  • Open Ql> Settings> Actions>Select Group> Add an Action Tile 
  • In catalog> Select "Add  File" 
  • Add name, Description
  • Program Path: To find the Program Path> Select the windows key> Browse
  • Under Catalog Select "Browse"
           Find The Folder> Change Type to All> Select Document or File

Design an Action Tile:

  • Add the Icon data and Color
  • Add the Applications "Icon Data"
  • Search for the Icon and save picture in file explorer
  • Import the image> (Shown Above)
  • Crop The pictureAdd an Icon  from Catalog:
    • Icon Data Settings> Enable fom Catalog> Search "Keywords"
    • Select the icon best suited for the action tile 

Change the Color of the Action Tile:

  • Settings>Actions>Icon Background 
  • Color Space: This option has RGBA, Transparent, Picture and Gradients
  • RGBA: This setting (Red, Green, Blue, alpha) A or Alpha changes the Transparency of the colors. Shown Above the transparency changes the black to a grey.
  • Transparent: This Setting Changes the background completely transparent.

Video Review: