How to Add and Customize Action Tiles:


1) Add Action Tiles: Adding Action tiles through Settings and Design Mode

2) Program Path: Where to Find the Correct Program Path 

3) Custom Action Tile: How to Create a Custom Action Tile

4) How to Design the Action Tile: Change the Color and Icon of the Action Tile

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NOTE: Always ensure the correct program path is shown for an Action Tile

1) How to Add Action Tile Through Settings

Enter Settings (Ctrl-Alt-S)>Actions> Actions> Applications

Plus Sign> Add Action From Catalog

Choose the Application you want and when finished choose select and your action tile will be added.

1) How to Add Action Tile from Design Mode

Enter Design Mode by entering <CTRL-ALT-D> on the keyboard or selecting the "Design" button on the top right corner of Quicklaunch

Hover over "Applications" > Change Action Tile 


Select the Plus sign, and Add an action tile from catalog. 

2) How to Find the program path.

Search For your Application on the search bar> Right Click on the Application

Open file location> Right click application> Properties

Copy the "Target" path 

3) Custom Action Tile

How to create a new action tile from a Program, Website or File. 


  • Open Ql>Settings>Action>Select Group> Add An Action Tile 
  • In catalog> Select "Add Program"
  • Add Name and Description> Add Program Path (Shown in the  "Program Path" above)
  • The new Application Is now added.


  • Open Ql> Settings> Actions>Select Group> Add an Action Tile 
  • In catalog> Select "Add a Website" 
  • Add name, Description> Website URL 
  • Select Browser Type

  • Open Ql> Settings> Actions>Select Group> Add an Action Tile 
  • In catalog> Select "Add  File" 
  • Add name, Description
  • Program Path: To find the Program Path> Select the windows key> Browse
  • Under Catalog Select "Browse"
           Find The Folder> Change Type to All> Select Document or File

4) Design an Action Tile

Add the Icon data and Color

  • Add the Applications "Icon Data"
  • Search for the Icon and save picture in file explorer
  • Import the image> (Shown Above)
  • Crop The pictureAdd an Icon  from Catalog:
    • Icon Data Settings> Enable fom Catalog> Search "Keywords"
    • Select the icon best suited for the action tile 

Change the Color of the Action Tile:

  • Settings>Actions>Icon Background 
  • Color Space: This option has RGBA, Transparent, Picture and Gradients
  • RGBA: This setting (Red, Green, Blue, alpha) A or Alpha changes the Transparency of the colors. Shown Above the transparency changes the black to a grey.
  • Transparent: This Setting Changes the background completely transparent.