A short description of how to configure OneNote for use with Quicklaunch including configuring the zip email for the end of meeting.


Remove existing OneNote Notebooks

• Open the File Explorer

• Browse to the room account’s “C:\%userprofile%\Documents” folder

• Delete the “OneNote Notebooks” folder

Update Default OneNote NoteBook Location 

• Open OneNote

• Click File

• Click Options

• Click "Save & Backup"

• Change "QuickNotes Section" , "Backup Folder" and "Default Notebook Location" to %userprofile%\Documents\OneNote Notebooks\Whiteboard\

Create blank OneNote Notebook template

• Open OneNote

• Click File

• Click New

• Click "This PC"

• Enter Notebook Name: Whiteboard

• Click Create Notebook

Copy OneNote template (Create a Blank Notebook)

• Open File Explorer to “C:\%userprofile%\documents\OneNote Notebooks”

• Copy “C:\%userprofile%\documents\OneNote Notebooks”  to "%programdata%\Quicklaunch"

Create post-cleanup batch file

• Open Notepad

• Enter the following lines:

        RMDIR "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\" /s /q

        MKDIR "%userprofile%\Documents\OneNote Notebooks\Whiteboard\"

        COPY "%programdata\QuickLaunch\Whiteboard\"  to "'%userprofile%\Documents\OneNote Notebooks\Whiteboard\"

• Click File

• Click Save

• Browse to “%programdata%\QuickLaunch” folder

• Change “Save as type” to “All Files (*.*)”

• File name: onenote.bat

• Click Save

Update QuickLaunch settings (Room Reset)

• Open Quick Launch settings <Ctrl-Alt-S>

• Select System -> Reset Room

• Set “Post-Reset Batch” by clicking on “…” and navigate to “%programdata%\QuickLaunch” and select onenote.bat

Update QuickLaunch settings (Calendar General)

• Open Quicklaunch settings (Ctrl + Alt +S)

• Select Calendar -> General

• Enable “Allow Zip/Send Meeting Files” check box, click on “…” and navigate to root folder to zip.

Example: “%userprofile%\Documents\OneNote Notebooks\Whiteboard\”

Add OneNote Action Tile to Quicklaunch 

• Open Quicklaunch Design Mode <Ctrl-Alt-D>

• Select Applications->Change Action Tiles

• Add OneNote to the Applications Group using the Applications Catalog

• Add OneNote

• Set EXE Arguments: “C:\Users\%userprofile%\Documents\OneNote Notebooks\Whiteboard\Open Notebook.onetoc2”