You can execute a batch file (.bat) to preserve the Quicklaunch room's credentials in Amazon Chime and login as another user.

This batch file has 4 things it tries to accomplish:

  1. If Amazon Chime is currently running, bring it to the foreground and stop; else,
  2. Look for the user.config file used by Amazon Chime to store the login credentials
    • If it exists (i.e. Amazon Chime was previously signed in as the Quicklaunch room):
      • Rename it as "room.config" to preserve the credentials, or
      • Delete it if a room.config file already exists (i.e. the credentials were already preserved)
  3. Start Amazon Chime (the user will be prompted to sign in) and wait until it has been closed completely
  4. Once Amazon Chime has been closed completely:
    • Delete the user.config file that was created when the user signed in
    • Rename the room.config file as "user.config"

You can follow these steps to execute this batch file via an Action tile:

  1. Download the attached batch file (Chime.bat) to the Quicklaunch PC and store it somewhere you can easily locate it, such as the Desktop.
  2. Open the Quicklaunch settings from the Full Screen View.
  3. In the "Options" sidebar on the right, select "Show Advanced Settings".
  4. Click on the "Actions" section, and then choose the Group name (e.g. Applications) from the drop-down menu in the middle.
  5. Click the "Actions" sub-section below the Group name, and you will see a list of application tiles currently configured for that Group.
  6. Add a new Application by clicking the "+" icon under the list of applications, and choose "Add Program".
  7. In "Name", enter "Amazon Chime".
    Optional -- Click on the "Icon Background" drop-down, and make the tile a color of 0/179/186 and transparency 255.
    In "Program Path", enter "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Chime.bat"
    In "Startup Path", enter "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop"
    Check the box for "Start New Instance"
    Check the box for "From Catalog", and in "Icon Data" enter "Amazon Chime" to search for a suitable icon for Amazon Chime.

Additionally, this batch file will leave a command prompt window open until Amazon Chime is closed; you can hide this window by applying a Display Rule as follows:

In "Rule Name", enter "Console Rule"

In the "Window Lookup" dropdown list, choose "Class Equals"

In the "Window Lookup" textbox, enter "ConsoleWindowClass"

Check the box for "Change State?" and choose "Hidden" in the dropdown list

  1. Click "Save" at the bottom to save your application settings, and you should now see a new icon for Amazon Chime in the Applications group.