For administrators, it may be helpful to have an action tile for the end users that will either email, instant message or dial the helpdesk from the room. The following instructions pertain to using Skype for Business and Outlook to contact the helpdesk. However, they may apply for other applications also. These instructions apply to all version of Quicklaunch. 

Also See Adding Quick Assist to Quicklaunch.

While Quicklaunch is running Ctrl-Alt-S to enter Settings.

  1. Select 'Action' Tab
  2. Select 'Group' > Choose the group where you would like the action tile to appear.
  3. Select '+' to Add an Action from Catalog
  4. Type 'Help'
  5. Select 'Help Desk'
  6. Click on 'Select'

Now you are ready to configure the action tile 

1) Select Color for the Action Tile 

2) Type the following in the URL dialog box

   only one command is allowable - choose from either of the 3 below

  •    for Email -
  •    for Instant Message -
  •    for Dialing - tel:+18885556666

3) Select 'Save'

In the control panel it is important that you have set the default programs for email, dial and instant message as the first step. 

  1. In Control Panel go to Default Programs and then Set Default Programs (the quickest way is to hit the Windows key and type “Default Programs“). This is usually covered at install but not always. 
  2. Scroll down to Lync (desktop). Despite the name, this is the Skype for Business desktop client.
  3. Set your default app as Skype for Business and also set Outlook for email - or an alternate application
  4. go back to default programs
  5. The Check default apps by  protocols to ensure they are set