In quicklaunch the Appbar can be configured in settings under Display->Docked.

This provides the ability to select:

  • Which Display for show on
  • Whether pinned of hiding
  • Visible cues for the appbar
  • timeouts for showing and hiding
  • ability to show/hide the date/time.

Having configured the basic settings for the Appbar action tiles can be added and removed via the Design Mode:

By default, Action Tiles are presented in the order that they are organized on the Quicklaunch Screen

  1. Quicklaunch Group
  2. Skype For Business
  3. Applications


 This can be adapted by Promoting the Action Tiles to "Show Top Level" so that they appear at the top level and by selecting whether the Action Tile is available on both the Appbar and the Main Screen (Always),  Only on the Appbar (Docked Only) or Only in the Action Group on the Main Screen (FullScreen Only).

Also note that the Short Name is the text that will appear on the Appbar.