In Quicklaunch 3.0 Professional and Ultimate editions the calendar can be linked with either Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.

In Google Calendar rooms are associated with Resources.   Each Resource has a calendar and is administered by a Manager.

1. To administrate resources you will need to login into the Administration Panel as a "Super Admin"

2.  Select Apps

3. Select G Suite

4.  Select Calendar


5. In calendar select "Resources"

6. From here you can add a resource for each Meeting Room that Quicklaunch will be installed into.

7. To Manage the calendars for the Meeting Room Resources navigate to and select "Browse Interesting Calendars"

8. Select the "More" Tab.

9. Select the "Resources" Line Item

10.  Subscribe to the meeting room resources that you have created and wish manage.

11. Select "Manage Calendars"

12.   Select "Shared: Edit Settings"

13. In Edit Setting you can assign a Manager for the meeting room calendar.   This Manager's gmail account will be used in Quicklaunch to assign the Calendar and make it editable by quicklaunch.