I am Experiencing an issue where normal windows can be closed and interacted with while on a touchscreen, but when Quicklaunch is up on that same screen ( setup menu or actual deployed menu) apps will only appear to select and will never click the items. I can manually click them with the mouse, but for some reason it will not click from the touchscreen. I calibrated successfully and all other functions appear to work as intended from the screen. 

There is currently a bug that we have reported to Microsoft that causes this issue that appears to be related to their HID driver software in Windows 1703 (Creators Edition).

You have 2 options for working around this issue at this time:

  1. Install and run Window 10 Anniversary Update (1607)


  1. If the configuration of your monitors in Windows is not important then you may be able to sneak around this bug by changing the layout of your monitors in Windows.

In the example below moving the number 2 monitor to the left of monitor 1 may resolve your issue.