With the release of Windows 10 Creator Edition (Version 1703), an OS bug was introduced that causes the logic in Quicklaunch for monitoring system inactivity (i.e. mouse and keyboard input) to detect false activity when a notification window is displayed. This renders the "Reset Room on inactivity" useless because when the notification of inactivity is displayed, this generates activity and thus the reset countdown is canceled as if the user had moved their mouse or pressed a key on their keyboard.

This bug has been identified and isolated to a specific OS Build of Windows 10 Version 1703, specifically OS Build 15063.296. You can verify whether or not you are on this specific OS Build by accessing your Settings in Windows 10 and navigating to System > About

As a workaround for this OS bug, we have implemented a variation of the activity monitoring logic for this specific build of Windows 10. As a downfall of this workaround, we must monitor mouse and keyboard input in our code and thus we are one more step removed from the OS and response times have been noticeably slower.

It is highly recommended to avoid Windows 10 Version 1703 OS Build 15063.296 if possible - either by remaining on an earlier OS Build (e.g. 14393.953) or upgrading to a newer OS Build (e.g. 15063.332).