A web browser will be opened when joining a BlueJeans meeting, and the desktop application should launch after the page loads and its installation is verified. Below are a few tricks to ensure a speedy start to BlueJeans meetings.

Meeting URL

Ensure that the link that you include in your meeting invitation is well-formed to launch the desktop application once the page loads. The desired form is as follows:


Example: bluejeans.com/1234567890/desktop

If you do not include the trailing "/desktop" part of the URL, the desktop application may not be launched once the page loads. If the generated URL ends with "/browser", then the meeting will take place in the web browser and not the desktop application.


If the BlueJeans desktop application is not installed and the meeting URL does not end with either "/desktop" or "/browser", then Opera will redirect to the "/browser" page and begin the meeting in the web browser.