Flatfrog whiteboard is included with OEM Interactive Whiteboard Manufacturers and is also available to be purchased through the Windows store.

OEM Dowload Link

1) Install Flat Frog Software

2) Configure Flatfrog Software 

Change the settings to start in windowed mode instead of full screen. This allows Quicklaunch to show the dockview app bar and also control utilize display rules. 

Start Flatfrog

  1. Click on Upper Left Hand Menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Turn Start Full Screen Off
  4. Exit Flatfrog

3) Configure Quicklaunch

Now you can setup the action tile within Quicklaunch using either Design Mode of Settings.

1) Ctrl-Alt-D to Enter Design Mode

     Choose the Group you want to add the action tile to 

     Select Change Action Tiles

2) Click + to Add Action from Catalog

     Click from Add Action from Catalog

     Type Flat in the Search Bar

     Choose OEM if Flatfrog OEM came with your Whiteboard

     Click on Select 

3) Choose the color and display rules if applicable

     Click Ok 

4) Click I'm Done