With Quicklaunch, you can have your Skype for Business (Skype4B) meetings start automatically with video and audio on.

NOTE:  when you start a S4B meeting with video or audio on, it will take up to 15 seconds for video and audio to turn on.  This is a Skype for Business delay that cannot be shortened.  Please do not start any Skype for Business sessions during this period.

To start Skype4B with video on or audio on, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings Ctrl-Alt-S
  2. Click on calendar, then meetings.
  3. Select your meeting provider that uses the Skype for Business (Skype4B) Thick Client.  This will be one of: Pexip, Simplicity, Skype4B, Ricoh UCSA, Videxio or vMeet.
  4. Choose to Start with Video and Audio

For Skype for Business 

For Pexip and Simplicity 

  1. Click on “Use Thick Client”
  2. Select the Skype4B thick client
  3. Click on “Start Skype4B Video” and or “Start Skype4B Audio”

NOTE: if you allow the user to choose the type of thick client, the video and audio start options will still be available, but they will only work with Skype4B.

For Skype4B, Ricoh UCSA, Videxio or vMeet

  1. First choose the “Use Skype4B Thick Client”
  2. Click on “Start with Video” and or “Start with Audio”.