If you are installing Quicklaunch on many computers, you can use the silent install feature to push a settings file to each Quicklaunch computer so no setup wizard will be displayed.  To use this feature, it is expected that you are a network administrator with the capabilities to edit files, write deployment scripts and use deployment tools for central program distribution.

To Install Quicklaunch V4 follow the link:  https://qlinstall.ucworkspace.com/

Create the Settings Import File

  1. Install Quicklaunch on a computer.
  2. Run Quicklaunch and enter all required information for the setup wizard including license key and exchange/Skype4B credentials
  3. On the settings screen => System => General check the box "Use Import File for Silent Install"
  4. Set any remaining settings for Display, Theme, Actions, Calendar etc..
  5. Export these settings with option "Backup All Settings" - this must be a file with the ".qls" file extension.
  6. If you are using different room accounts for each computer, you must make individual copies of this file, each with its own credentials for the room account.

Push the Import File to each Computer

Use your remote admin tools to copy the import settings (created above) to the "C:\ProgramData\QuickLaunch\Import" on each computer.

Install Quicklaunch on each Computer

Use your remote admin tools to install Quicklaunch on each computer.

Run Quicklaunch on each Computer

Once Quicklaunch is started for the first time, it will load the import file and all associated settings.  As long as the flag "Use Import File for Silent Install" has been selected for the import file, the Quicklaunch setup wizard will be suppressed, and it will use the settings in the import file.


  • Silent Install will not work if you save your settings as a "Room Template" (known as a QLT file).  When starting Quicklaunch for the first time with a QLT file in the import directory, it will start the setup wizard to prompt for a license key and exchange/Skype4B credentials.