Quicklaunch is designed to be installed and configured running as a single user.

A Service account is created for the software to be installed as.

The meeting room computer is configured to automatically log in as this Service Account when the computer boots.Once booted and logged in Quicklaunch is configured to start automatically and present the schedule (PE/UE), conferencing application, devices and productivity software that has been configured for the room.

Quicklaunch is not intended to be loaded by individual users logging into the meeting room PC and thus is not supported. It is assumed that when the individual enters a meeting room that Quicklaunch will be running and available for the individual to use.

There are a few ways to get to personal desktop if required . For example using RDP, VDI, Citrix etc. There is also an option to access network shares (UE).

Note: with the size of profiles, room best practices are to use Room Resources.

Quicklaunch Ultimate Edition provides the option to change user (however not required). This  option  changes from the room resource calendar to an individual’s calendar and changes Skype for Business from the room resource to their personal Skype for Business.