Intel Unite comes in many different varieties. It is important that the version you use can be operated in ‘Windowed’ Mode as opposed to ‘Full Screen’. Version 4.0 of Unite no longer provides a windowed mode.  In Full Screen Mode Intel Unite starts full screen and prevents other applications from running. Thus, Quicklaunch and any other applications are prevented from running.

Intel Unite that is included with the Logitech Bundles does have a Windowed Mode. Intel Unite may have an option in the administration application or you may need to set the registry. It is also possible that the version provided may not have a ‘Windowed’ Mode.

Here are the Reg Keys needed for Unite to Operate in Windowed Mode (This is already set in the Logitech Kits)

Create Key Unite under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel

Create the following DWORDs under the Unite Key:

WindowedMode with a value of 1

ShowOnlyInOneMonitor with a value of 1

To setup Intel Unite with Quicklaunch Simply choose it from the applications catalog. The setting required to operate Intel Unite (once it is configured for windowed mode) are set in the action tile by default. You can they choose the color and display rules for your action tile.

Click Ctrl- Alt- S to go to settings

  1. Select Actions
  2. Select Quicklaunch group
  3. Add an action tile by clicking the +
  4. Select Intel Unite
  5. Click Select
  6. Set your color – A is for transparency
  7. Setup display rule if applicable (Professional and Ultimate Editions)
  8. Save

Note: Start New Instance is required to be on and is on by default