Quicklaunch can support up to 6 displays, with the toolbar on the screen of your choice.

Quicklaunch has display rules that allow you to start any application on any screen. Thus, if you want to start Skype for Business on Screen 1 and have Applications (content) or Whiteboard on Screen 2, this is easily setup within Quicklaunch. If using tabbed mode Quicklaunch also has a control for manipulating windows once started.

For more information on this topic see our video! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=natKQtOeACs&t=10s

Display rules are set for each action tile.

The display rule information is setup for our default action tiles.

Rule Name – Each Application has a rule within our library in Quicklaunch or you can create your own rules for your applications.

Window Lookup – Allows Quicklaunch to locate the window to be positioned (set in default action tiles)

Change State – Set to Open a Window -  Maximized, Minimized, Normal (last state) and Hidden

Change Z Order – Set to open on the top or bottom

Move to Screen – Set the location of where the application opens screen 1-6

Move to Location – Set specific location of the application – used when starting applications in a specific area of the screen

Change Size – Set specific size of the application when opening

Below is a sample to set Quickshare to Screen to Maximized

The Display Rule Appears for the Action Tile by Default