Quicklaunch Templates are patterns or blueprints of the meeting room Quicklaunch interface that are saved as Quicklaunch Template Files (QLT). Quicklaunch templates are created to make it easy to setup additional rooms and change configurations. A template contains configuration information for the room and includes display settings, themes (colors, logo etc), action tiles, calendar and system settings. Each of these settings can be imported individually or as a whole. It provides IT an easy way to rollout or make changes to multiple rooms. 

A Quicklaunch template saves the configuration without the credentials and license key (QLT).  How to use Quicklaunch Template?

Alternatively, you can create a full backup with credentials and license keys (QLS).

Backup All Settings  

Start by using the configuration wizard, designer mode and settings to setup your room .

  • Once Complete <Ctrl>-<Alt>-S to enter Settings
  • On the bottom tab select -  Down Arrow by 'Export'
  • Select 'Backup All Settings'
  • Name the file - Quicklaunch will at the .qls  extension
  • Choose a common location for all rooms you plan to roll out

Additionally, keep a copy of the file elsewhere to ensure backup in case of room pc hardware failure.

NOTE: Backup all settings WILL NOT back up the following:

  • users account configuration
  • Skype for Business settings
  • browser settings
  • Applications which need to be configured to be displayed in Windows mode

Restore a Settings File

NOTE: Ensure any applications that Quicklaunch is configured for are installed BEFORE you restore a settings file.

Option 1 - When installing Quicklaunch select Import then select the .qls file and hit enter

Option 2 - After Installing Quicklaunch

Once Complete Ctrl-Alt-s to enter Settings

Select Import then select the .qls file and hit enter