Quicklaunch provides multiple ways to launch Task View. 

Enabling and Configuring Task View in Quicklaunch Settings

Task View can be added as an Action Tile for both Tabbed and Flat layouts of Quicklaunch. 

Open Settings <Ctrl-Atl-S> > Actions >  and select the group that the Task View action tile will be added to

For an in-depth description of how to add an action tile, see Add and Configure Action Tiles in Quicklaunch.

The settings available are: 

FullScreen Only - Task View will only be available as an action tile in Quicklaunch

Docked Only - Task View will appear only as a button when Quicklaunch is docked. It will not be displayed as an action tile.

Always - Task View will appear both as an action tile and on the dock bar.

The Checkbox to the right of the drop-down allows Task View to be shown at the top level of the Dockbar.

Show top level enabled vs. disabled

Using Task View

When clicked, all programs with a window open will be displayed on their respective screens.

Example Situation: PowerPoint is being presented and user wants to switch to another application.

A) Select Task View

B) Select Desired Program

NOTE: Task View is built-in to Windows 10. You can access it with the keyboard shortcut WINKEY + TAB