If a meeting on the Calendar includes a link to join a vMeet meeting, a 'One-Click Join' can be configured in the settings.

NOTE: Only one of Pexip Infinity Connect, vMeet, or Univago desktop applications can be installed on a computer. 

Configuring One-Click Join

Enter Settings via <CTRL + ALT + S> on the keyboard and navigate to Calendar > Meetings and select vMeet from the list of Meeting Providers.

Show vMeet Meetings

The 'Join Meeting' icon will only be visible when checked.
Join meeting method
Prompt User for Host/Participant: User will be asked whether they are host or guest within Quicklaunch. If guest selected PIN will be passed to vMeet meeting. If host selected a PIN will need to be provided within the meeting.

No Prompt - Always Join as Guest: User will always join as guest directly.

No Prompt: No prompt within Quicklaunch. User will be prompted for PIN in vMeet meeting. Can provide host or guest PIN.

Web Browser
Option to select default Web Browser.

Use Thick Client
Enable a picker to choose whether to join the vMeet meeting using vMeet or Skype for Business.

Allow User to Choose Thick Client
If this is checked, the User will be prompted to select either vMeet or Skype for Business when starting the meeting.

Thick Client

Select either Skype for Business or vMeet as thick client.
Display Rules
See Display Rules Overview for more information.

Recommended settings for an organisation that joins external vMeet meetings.

Recommended Settings Example

Select Join Meeting on vMeet Calendar Event.

A window launches in the default browser with user as participant.

Hosting a vMeet Meeting (Recommended Settings)

For hosting vMeet meetings we recommend to use either the Web Client or the local vMeet thick client. 

Join Meeting Method should be Prompt User for Host/Participation OR No Prompt. Prompt User for Host/Participation will prompt the user within Quicklaunch. No Prompt will not prompt the user within Quicklaunch, but the User will be prompted in vMeet Client. 

NOTE: The host PIN will have to be entered by the User upon entering the vMeet meeting.