Quicklaunch supports many different types of meetings. If the One click join action tile does not appear on the schedule there are three things you should look at; that the Meeting type is enabled, that the body of the invitation is not blank and finally that the invitation does not use a custom URL. 

1. Meeting type is Enabled

1. Body of the invitation is not blank -  In Settings -> Calendar -> Meetings ensure the "Show Meeting" is enable for your meeting type

2.  Body of the invitation is not blank

Open View Details...

b)      Check Body

c)  If the body of your invitation is blank it is possible that your Exchange Room Resource is automatically deleting the body of the invitation.

 Quicklaunch uses the Body of the invitation to identify the Conference software type. if this is blank then you will want to have your Exchange Admin enable it.

To resolve this please review the following link:  Exchange Room Resource Configuration

The specific setting is - ' Set Delete Comments (Body of Invitation) to false set-CalendarProcessing -Identity room@ucworkspace.com -DeleteComments $false

3.  Custom URL:  There are instances where a custom URL cannot be identified correctly by Quicklaunch in order to identify the meeting type.   In this case please contact support for further assistance.