In Windows 10 1803 Microsoft added Screen Sketch as an application. Administrators can now add then as action tiles.

Screen Sketch Provides the Ability to Annotate on any screen and save it (also capture). In the next major release it is expected to have many enhancements.

Please note for multi monitor environments that it only will launch on the last used screen as an action tile. You can also launch it from the system tray (not available in lockdown mode). In the next major release there are comments from Microsoft that this may change.

Go to Settings Ctrl-Alt-S

  • Select Actions
  • Select the Group – Recommend Launcher
  • Select add
  • Type Screen
  • Select Screen Sketch from action Catalog

  • Select when you want the action tile visible
  • Recommend Docked Only (Optional)
  • Select Show at Top Level (Optional)
  • Choose the order (Optional)
  • Save