Please note, the Biamp dialer feature is a restricted beta feature, please contact to qualify for access.

If you have the Biamp dialer in your enterprise you can use the optional Quicklaunch/Biamp dialer feature.  This allows you to control the Biamp dialer through the Quicklaunch interface. With this feature, you can:

  • dial calls 
  • answer calls
  • control the volume
  • mute the microphone
  • re-dial last number

Enabling the Biamp Feature

  1. Contact to qualify for access.
  2. In Quicklaunch, go to Settings -> License
  3. Click on the pencil icon beside Feature Keys
  4. Enter the Feature Key code in the Feature Key box
  5. Click Next until finished

Connecting the Biamp Dialer to Quicklaunch

  1. In Quicklaunch, go to Settings -> System -> General
  2. Enter the following Biamp configuration information (available from your AV technical support):
    1. Set the Biamp mode for SIP for VOIP/digital phone connection or to Analog for analog phone connection
    2. Enter the IP address of the Biamp dialer
    3. Enter the Biamp dialer listening port
  3. Click Save


  1. The control name used for the Analog dialer is "TIControlStatus1"
  2. The control name used for the VOIP (Digital) dialer is "VoIPControlStatus1"

Displaying the Biamp Dialer

The Biamp dialer is only available in tabbed mode.  To display the Biamp dialer:

  1. In Quicklaunch, go to Settings -> Display -> Fullscreen
  2. Select the screen that you want the Biamp dialer to display on
  3. Change the Layout to "tabbed"
  4. Under Visibility on the Left Navigation Bar, check Phone
  5. To display the Biamp volume and mute, check Biamp AV Controls
  6. Save the settings
  7. The Biamp dialer will now be displayed as a tab called "Phone"

Using the Biamp Dialer

Connection Status

In the upper right hand corner of the display screen is a Biamp connection status:

Not Connected - Quicklaunch is not communicating with the Biamp dialer.  Check the IP address and port settings

Connecting - Quickluanch is attempting to connect to the Biamp dialer

Error - Quicklaunch is unable to connect to the Biamp dialer. Check the IP address and port settings.

Can Dial - the Biamp Dialer is ready for dialing a call

Can Call - a number is being entered and the Biamp dialer is read to make the call

Dialing - the Biamp dialer is making

In Call - the Biamp dialer is in a call

Making a Call

  1. Enter the phone number using the dialpad
  2. Click Call

Calling Last Number Dialed

  1. Blank the number display
  2. Click Call, the last number will be displayed
  3. Click Call again to make the call

Adjusting Volume

  1. Hover over the Biamp speaker icon (right status bar)
  2. A volume slider will popup
  3. Adjust the volume up or down with the slider or clicking the plus and minus icons
  4. Mute the speaker with the speaker mute button