This guide explains how to automate Webex Teams One-Click Join. If you're looking for another guide, see our Webex Master FAQ.

This Quicklaunch feature is currently in beta testing with selected clients. If you'd like to participate, please contact Quicklaunch Support

NOTE: This feature is only available under Ultimate Edition licenses.


  • Installing Webex Teams
  • Entering a Feature Key
  • Configuring Quicklaunch Settings
  • Testing the Configuration

Installing Webex Teams

Visit the Webex downloads page and download Cisco Webex Teams for Desktop.

Run the Webex Teams Installer

Accept the End User License Agreement. Without accepting this, Quicklaunch will be unable to join Webex Teams meetings through the desktop application.

Entering a Feature Key

If you do not have a feature key you need to contact Quicklaunch Support to obtain one.

Open Quicklaunch settings by selecting the Gear Icon or selection CTRL + ALT + S on your keyboard.

Select the License tab, followed by the edit button.

Now, enter your provided feature key into the Feature Key field. (NOTE: don't erase your License Key. It is needed in addition to the Feature Key)

Select Finish.

Configuring Quicklaunch Settings

Open Quicklaunch Setting by pressing the gear icon or using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + S.

Navigate to Calendar > Meetings > Webex Teams

 UserId and Password boxes: Settings> Account>Webex> enter the login credentials that will be used for this computer. 

Optionally: Customise the Display Rules for Webex Teams. These manage where the Webex Teams Meeting will launch. A more detailed guide of Display Rules can be found here.

NOTE: For automation to work smoothly, it is recommended to keep Webex Teams logged in during a Room Reset.

Testing the Configuration

Finally, test the configuration you've set up. Send a Webex Teams meeting invitation to the Calendar Quicklaunch is configured to use.

The meeting is joined using the Webex Teams Desktop application.