Password Protection enables the ability to password protect Quicklaunch settings. Once you have enabled this setting and chosen your password, Quicklaunch will prompt for a password when trying to enter the settings screen.

How To Enable Password Protection:

Password Protection is found in Settings> License>General> Password Protection.

Once enabled, Quicklaunch will ask for your password and a password recovery email. (Shown Below) 

When you enter settings- (Ctr-Alt-S) A box asking for admin password will show (As shown Below)

What To Do If you Forgot Your Passcode: 

In the Message Box (Shown Above) There is a setting called "Forgot Password?" If you click on "Forgot Password?"  an email will automatically send to the Password recovery email. It is important you have access to the email address you have chosen and that it is written correctly. 

What is shown in the email? 

(Image of email shown below)

  • The Email is sent from our support team: 
  • This email provides a temporary password to be able to access settings and change your password