This document explains configuring Quicklaunch to join a Webex meeting.

Configure Quicklaunch Settings

First, select the desired settings in Quicklaunch. Access settings by pressing CTRL + ALT + S or selecting the gear icon, then select Calendar > Meetings > Webex

Here you can select which Web Browser to use, set Display Rules (read more about Display Rules here), and select an Override URL.

We recommend leaving Override URL unchecked for most configurations. With Override URL unchecked, the URL linked in the meeting invite will be used by Quicklaunch to try to join the meeting. If desired, you can direct Quicklaunch to join a specific Override URL by checking the "Use Override URL" box and entering the URL into the "Override URL" box.

Ensure the Show Webex Meetings box is selected. This allows Webex Meetings to be shown on the Quicklaunch Calendar.

Create Webex Meeting

Next, send a meeting request to the Exchange or Google Calendar account associated with Quicklaunch. This can be done in many different ways, the example shows how to send an invite from the Webex web interface. 

Join the Webex Meeting

Once the meeting has been accepted the meeting will be visible within Quicklaunch. Simply click to join the meeting.

This launches a browser based on the setting you configured at the start. In Chrome, you'll be prompted to install an extension. Once installed, Users will be able to join the meeting.

In Edge users may be prompted to run a temporary program. Once installed, Users will be able to join the meeting.

Chrome 1)

Chrome 2)