This FAQ will explain how to join a meeting through Quicklaunch also known as OneClick Join. You can join a meeting directly using the Quicklaunch Calendar. This feature allows you to join a meeting using any of the meeting providers provided by Quicklaunch. 

(This FAQ will be using Skype for Business as an example)

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  1. How to Configure Meeting Providers 
  2. How to Join a Meeting
    • Meeting Details 

1) How to Configure Meeting Providers

  • First go to settings > calendar > meetings 
  • Here you will see all of the meeting providers you can use within Quicklaunch  
  • Select the provider you will like to configure. 
  • For your meeting provider to show on your Quicklaunch calendar click on enable: (in this example "Show Skype Meetings" is enabled)
    • Thick Client: some meeting providers allow the option for the desktop client (also known as the "thick" client). Check if you want it enabled.
      • For some thick clients, it will allow you to enable to start with audio or video on.
    • Web Browser: Some meeting providers allow a browser client.  If present you can enable this option and select the browser type.
    • Redirect to Virtual Keyboard: If enable "Redirect to Virtual Keyboard"  and enter your meeting, it will switch the console to keyboard mode.  
    • Redirect Cursor: If you enable "Redirect Cursor" you will be able to choose which screen you want your meeting to appear on.
    • Display Rules: For more information on Display Rules see FAQ: Display Rules Overview

2) How to Join a Meeting 

Once your meeting provider is configured and a meeting invite has been sent to your room account in Quicklaunch,  the meeting will appear in your Quyicklaunch calendar 

  • To Join simply select the providers Icon 

2b) Meeting Details

You can see your meeting details, send a group email and add a participant through the calendar 

  1. To see meeting details select the flap in the icon
  2. Once that is selected a tab with these 3 options will appear 
    • Add Participant: To add a participant simply add their email. if you're adding more then one separate with a comma then select invite. 
    • View Details: Here you can view all the details of the meeting and select any link added to the invite.
    • Group Email: Here you can send an email to all the attendees. You can also add as many attachments needed.