How to Configure One Click Join With Different Meeting Providers:

(In this example will be using "Zoom")

How to configure your meeting provider in Quicklaunch: 

  1. Settings (Ctrl-Alt-s) > Calendar> Meetings 
  2. Select Meeting Provider (Shown Below)

      3.  Enable "Show Zoom Meeting"  If this is not enabled

What is The Difference Between Thick Client and Web Browser: 

  • Thick Client: If you enable "Thick Client" The meeting will open directly through the desktop application of the meeting provider. 
  • Web Brower: If you enable "Web Brower" The meeting will open directly through the web browser you have selected, (Shown Below)

Other settings: 

  • Redirect to Virtual Keyboard: If enable "Redirect to Virtual Keyboard"  and enter your meeting, it will switch the console to keyboard mode. 
  • Redirect Cursor:  If you enable "Redirect Cursor" you will be able to choose which screen you want your meeting to appear on.