How to Setup Book Meeting To Open directly to your Outlook Calendar 

It is recommended that administrators have users go directly to their outlook calendar to book a meeting. This way they are seeing their own meetings and can book any room from there. Additionally, the room calendar is not exposed for others to view the meeting contents. 

*There Will Be Updates on This FAQ* 

How To Create The URL: 

We are using Office 365 as the example is also works with OWA

  1. Enter 365 Login 
  2. Choose outlook, and enter calendar 
  3. Once you can see your calendar (choose calendar layout), Copy URL 

1) Enter 365 

2) Choose Outlook (Red box)

3) Copy URL, And choose calendar layout

How to Create Book Meeting Action Tile: 

  • In Quicklaunch enter settings>Actions>Actions>Hit the plus sign (Shown Below)

  • Once you have selected the plus sign, A catalog will open (shown below) Select "Add a Website"
  • After creating the Action Tile, It is time to setup (Pictures Shown Below)
    1. Name: Name the Action Tile "Book Meeting".
    2. Short Name: Add a short name  "Book Meeting". 
    3. Add a Description: For example-Opens Calendar.
    4.  Keyboard Shortcut: If you have a shortcut, For example (Ctrl-Alt-9) enter those keys and Book meeting will pop up. 
    5. Available: When do you want book meeting to be available- Always, FullScreen and docked.
    6. Icon Background: Choose the background color for the Action Tile to match your theme. 
    7. Browser Type:  Choose the browser Type you would like the meeting to open with. 
    8. URL: In URL, Add the URL you created, to be able to enter your calendar. 
    9. Icon Data: Enable From Catalog and Search for meeting and select the "Book Meeting" Icon 

For More Information of display rules follow the link-