What Is System Check-In? 

System Check-In provides the option for password protection of Quicklaunch after the screen saver has been displayed. Ultimate Edition Only

This setting is currently in beta testing with select customers. If you're interested in this feature, please contact <qlsupport@ucworkspace.com>

Beta Requires Ultimate License with Active Maintenance and Support

  • System Check In: Is located in Settings> Account> Login.
  • There are three different way to setup your password
    • Exchange 
    • Domain
    • Check-In Code 

What These Settings Do: 

When entering your information please keep in mind that these settings are Case-Sensitive

  • Exchange: This Option allows you to enter your Exchange Information as your password to enter Quicklaunch.
  • Domain: This Option allows you to enter your domain account settings to enter Quicklaunch, It also allows you to enter a Default Check-In Domain. 
  • Check-In Code: This option allows you to create your own password.