This document explains configuring Quicklaunch to join Webex Teams meetings.

This document shows how to configure Quicklaunch to join a Webex Teams meeting. First, ensure the Webex Teams desktop application is installed and has a room account signed on. This should result in a screen like the one below.

Next, run Quicklaunch and enter settings either by pressing CTRL+ALT+S  or by selecting the gear icon.

Navigate to Calendar > Meetings > Webex Teams

Ensure the "Show Webex Teams Meetings" box is enabled.

Now, send a Webex Teams Meeting to the email account used for the Quicklaunch Calendar. You can find the email address in the Account tab.

Finally, select Save and check ensure the Quicklaunch Calendar displays the meeting. Click to launch the meeting.

NOTE: If you'd like to automate this process, please contact <>