Quicklaunch is unable to use Modern Authentication directly. You will need to create an "App Password" that will then be entered into Skype for Business and/or Exchange settings in Quicklaunch. 

NOTE:  There are cases where organizations have chosen to disable BOTH Basic Auth AND access to "App Passwords".    If this is the case then we suggest you review "Conditional Access" to provide a means for the Quicklaunch application to access Exchange via EWS.



1) Create an App Password on office.com

2) Sign In to Skype for Business and Exchange with the new app password

3a) Entering Credentials on Fresh Quicklaunch Install

3b) Entering Credentials in Existing Quicklaunch Install

1) How to Create an App Password for Room Account: 

Go to https://www.office.com and sign in. Then select your account icon and click "My Account" 

Select "Manage Security & Privacy" 

Click on "Additional Security Verification" 

Click on "Create and Manage App Passwords"

Select, "Create" to create a new App Password 

Name it.

Copy the auto-generated password to the clipboard.

2) Sign In to Skype for Business with the new app password

Skype for Business

If you've already signed in to both Skype for Business and Exchange, skip to the next step.

Open Skype for Business from the Windows Start Menu and enter your new app login password.

Click sign in. When prompted to remember credentials, select yes.

3a) Entering Credentials on Fresh Quicklaunch Install

When you get to the Accounts Screen in the Setup Wizard. select Exchange and Skype for Business. 

Enter your Skype for Business email and the App password you just created. Then click Next.

Enter the email address and App password for Exchange.

3b) If Quicklaunch is already Installed and Setup Follow the Steps Below: 

Enter Settings (Ctrl- Alt-s) > Account > Right side Select > Change Account Type

Select Exchange and S4B or Exchange account 

Enter the email address and new app password.