How to Setup a Automatic Warning Email for Events on Quicklaunch:

When Internet connection is lost Quicklaunch can setup an Event to send a "Warning Email" that Internet connection is lost.

*In order to run the Powershell script, You must set your permissions correctly*

  1. Enter Quicklaunch settings (ctrl-alt-s) system>Events
  2. Name: Select a name related to the event type for the event type. 
  3. Event Type: Select the event type from the down-bar.

  4. Program Path: C:\Users\Insertname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Windows PowerShell\Windows PowerShell.lnk
  5. Startup Folder: *Optional* Add a folder to startup when the email is sent 
  6. Arguments:  -file C:\QuickLaunch\Scripts\SampleSendEmail.ps1 -sender "" -recipients "" -subject " Event type Quicklaunch in Main ConferenceRoom

When there is no internet connection, Quicklaunch will detect the problem and then send an email to The email address you added in the argument.

To learn more about Events and Batches Follow the Link: