1) Configuration

2) Acquiring Your Application ID

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1) Configuration

Step 1. Acquire your the Application ID. See the links at the bottom of this document for help.

Enter Quicklaunch Settings by selecting CTRL-ALT-S on your keyboard

Navigate to Accounts > System Check-in

Enter you Application ID

Select Verify

Step 2.
Enter a Microsoft Work account and press Next.

Step 3.
Enter Password and press Sign in

Step 4.

If there is a green check-mark visible in-front of the Verify link, this has been properly configured.

Step 5 - Test your configuration

Save your settings.

Select CTRL-ALT-L on your keyboard to enter the screen saver.

Test credentials when prompted.

2) Acquiring Your Application ID

If you're unsure of what is required, please contact your IT staff.

Here are some helpful links from Microsoft on how to generate an Application ID in azure: