System Check-in Reporting: How to Configure 


This guide explains how to configure Quicklaunch to send a regular report, send an impromptu report, and how to configure Quicklaunch to log events to an ODBC database. With System Check-in enabled, Quicklaunch will automatically log all Check-in events to a local database. This default database is named "" and is located at the following location:



  1. Using Quicklaunch Internal Database
    1. Configure the Report to Send at Regular Intervals
    2. Send An Impromptu Report
  2. Using an External Database*

*NOTE: For this beta, we are not providing active support for external database integration. This feature does exist and if you wish to test it, please contact <>.

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1) Using Quicklaunch Internal Database

First, enter Quicklaunch settings by selecting CTRL-ALT-S on your keyboard and navigate to Account > System Check-in

Next, Select Data Store type and a Data Retention Policy

1.1 Configure the Report to Send at Regular Intervals

  • Select the frequency you would like the report sent at
  • Select whether or not you'd like the report attached as a CSV file (the report is included in the email body text by default).
  • Enter the Email you'd like the report sent to.

1.2 Send And Impromptu Report

  • Select the desired dates to be reported
  • Enter the email you'd like the report sent to
  • Select "Generate and Send" to email the report