Change User:

Quicklaunch allows you to add different domains or accounts, You may switch to different domains with "Change User"  

NOTE: Skype for Business and Exchange do not have an API for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Therefore MFA does not work with "Change User" 

NOTE: Google Account type does not work with Change User

How to Add/Setup Domains:

Setup for S4B & Exchange or Exchange Account-

  • Settings>Account>Domains
  • Select the Plus sign to add a new Domain> Enter Email Suffix (Hotmail, Outlook,  Collaborationsolutions ect..) 
  • EWS URLAdd the EWS URL of your Email Suffix for example: 
  • EWS Version: Choose the Version of the EWS, NOTE: Versions Prior to Exchange 2013 are not supported.
  • EWS Authentication: Select Email or Domain Username 
  • S4B Authentication: Select Email or Domain Username 

Collaboration Platform: Select the correct platform for example: S4B, Lync 2010 or Lync 2013.

How to Change User: 

In the bottom Right corner of the Quicklaunch main screen you will see "Change User"

Change User screen will open, In the dropdown (below) you may select the email suffix that you added.