Sometimes users may want to access their own calendar or use Slype for Business under their own account rather than the Room Account.   Quicklaunch allows a user to access their own accounts through "Change User".  Change user supports both traditional userid/password as well as Microsoft Modern Authentication, optionally with MFA.

This FAQ describes using Change User with basic authentication.  To see how to setup and use Change User with Modern Authentication (MFA) see:  Change User with Modern Authentication (MFA)

NOTE: Google Account type does not work with Change User

This feature is available in Ultimate Edition


  1. Enable Change User
  2. Adding a user with a Different Domain
  3. Using Change User

1) Enable Change User

Settings > Account > Login > Change user > Make sure "Change User" is selected. The down bar will show sign-in options.

Exchange and S4B: This option is for changing to a user with the same Exchange/S4B credentials 

Exchange and S4B - separate credentials: This option is to switch to a user with different Exchange/S4B credentials 

Exchange Only: This option is to switch to a user using exchange only, S4B meetings will not show on QL calendar

S4B Only: This option is to switch to a user using S4B only, Exchange meetings will not show on QL calendar

Use Modern Authentication: This option must be unchecked when configuring Change User for Basic Authentication.

2) Adding a User with a Different Domain

Setup for S4B & Exchange or Exchange Account-

  • Settings>Account>Domains
  • Select the Plus sign to add a new Domain> Enter Email Suffix (Hotmail, Outlook,  Collaborationsolutions ect..) 
  • EWS URLAdd the EWS URL of your Email Suffix for example:
  • EWS Version: Choose the Version of the EWS, NOTE: Versions Prior to Exchange 2013 are not supported.
  • EWS Authentication: Select Email or Domain Username 
  • S4B Authentication: Select Email or Domain Username 

3) Using Change User

In the bottom Right corner of the Quicklaunch main screen you will see "Change User"

Change User screen will open, In the dropdown (below). Select the email suffix if you added a different domain.

Once logged in, Quicklaunch will update the calendar to the new user. When you logout, the previous user will automatically log back in.