Display Rules for Chrome Kiosk Mode:

Using chrome --kiosk mode will cause Display Rules to fail.  Opening Chrome in Kiosk mode will start on the last screen Chrome was opened to. If Chrome is already running kiosk mode won't be entered.

If you wish to open in Kiosk mode to a specific screen:

There are extra parameters to do it and they need to be in the order shown below. These are entered in the Arguments field. Do not use Display Rules if running Chrome in Kiosk mode.

--window-position=0,0 --kiosk --user-data-dir=c:/UniqueDataFolder

window-position needs to come first and be on the monitor you want to show kiosk on. This is the windows desktop position.

    ** If Windows Display settings are changed this setting may need to be updated to continue opening on the correct window.
user-data-dir is a unique folder for chrome to store it's data so it opens a new window and doesn't go to an existing open instance of Chrome.